MyVPN Server

MyVPN Server Addon for Elastix

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MyVPN Server is an addon that allows you to create a Virtual Private Network using Open Source OpenVPN.

MyVPN Server is a native module for Elastix that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities using OpenVPN technologies. Unlike similar addons for Elastix, the MyVPN Server is a complete enterprise solution. This module helps you to configure VPN Server using OpenVPN technologies for a three minutes.

Feature List

  • Generation all necessary certificates by one click
  • Automatic generation configuration files for Clients
  • Automatic sending notifications to the email using web-interface
  • Network Utilization Graph
  • Report generation (pdf, csv, xls)
  • Full OpenVPN log files
  • Mail templates
  • Full compatibility with MyVPN (OpenVPN) Client Addon for Elasix
  • Setting up expire date for Clients
  • Setting up number of maximum connected clients, log level and compression
  • Setting up internal Client communication. Clients can’t connect to each other if you don’t want.
  • Setting up static IP Address for Clients. This is a useful and necessary function when you want to connect different networks. Also you can change IP address in real time for your Clients
  • Setting up Keep Alive Options
  • Enable or disable NAT [Network Address Translation]
  • Overwrite Default Gateway and Static routes for Clients
  • Quick support

Detailed statistics

  • Virtual and Real IP-adresses
  • Сonnection port
  • Downloaded and uploaded traffic
  • Connected Since
  • Unregistered Version

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