AntiHacker Addon for Elastix


Demo video

Improve the security of your Elastix with Anti-Hacker module. Anti-Hacker module protects your server and don’t allow hackers attack the main services like ASTERISK, WEB INTERFACE (http/https), SSH, VSFTPD (ftp). The module can detect the bruteforce attacks, then it blocks the hacker’s IP-address and sends the report to your e-mail. In the report you will get the information about time of the attack, the number of the attempts of hacking the service (asterisk, https, ssh, vsftpd) and the full information of the hacker’s IP-address (whois). You can also set the number of authorization failure, ban time and the white list of the IP-addresses and networks in the module settings.

Feature List

  • Asterisk protection
  • Web Interface protection
  • SSH protection
  • Vsftpd protection
  • Email report about blocked IP address

Sale Price: 15$ 9$

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